Supplements may help lessen symptoms and reverse disease processes, particularly when used at the right dose and in the right situation.  These are not intended to replace the strength of pharmaceutical drugs, and they are not “cures” for any disease state.  Click here for an article Meg wrote about her approach to supplements.

When we recommend supplements, we do so with the suggestion of using a professional high-quality brand that is only available through a practitioner, but using these brands is not required.  Fullscript and Xymogen are 2 online companies that we utilize, and we are able to provide up to 20% off all the supplements, protein powder, teas and more!

You do not have to be an established patient to use the following, and we do not utilize the communication methods through these to contact our patients.

Order supplements through my Fullscript store.

Fullscript online dispensary contains thousands of supplements and most of the professional high quality brands that we typically recommend (e.g. Designs for Health, Orthomolecular, Quicksilver, Pure Encapsulations, etc).

If you are a patient, any recommendations we provide will be emailed to you and instructions on dosage will also be in your post-office visit notes.  Beyond our recommendations, we also grant access to any supplement available on Fullscript (no “prescription” required).

We now offer the ability to order Xymogen products – WITH a 20% discount!

Click the image to order.  

**Must use our referral code “TEXAS” to make your first order.

We now offer products through NutriDyn.  We’ve added this because of their quality, but also many of our colleagues rave about the Crave-Curb (for weight management), so we’re excited to see how this helps our patients!

Click the image to order.  Prices listed are 20%.

The above platforms are for your convenience, and some supplement purchases may result in compensation for us (up to 5% of your order).  Purchasing supplements from the above companies or lower cost options from local or online stores is entirely up to you, as the consumer, and Center for Collaborative Medicine is not liable for any positive or negative effects that these products may convey on your health or finances.   Thank you for your understanding!