Redefine health care with an investigative medicine and personalized approach, by incorporating cutting-edge analytical methods with real provider-patient partnerships.

We are licensed health care professionals, licensed through the state of Texas, with more than 20 years of experience in integrative/functional medicine.

What sets us apart?

After doing this for so long, we recognized that many of our well-intentioned colleagues in this field are focusing on too many supplements and too many tests, known as “Green Allopathy”. This doesn’t mean we don’t recommend these – it just means we know that these can be expensive, offer a lot of hope, but in the end, they must provide tangible benefits.

What else makes us unique?

  • We provide high quality care at an affordable price (in Austin, prices for our level of care range from $375 to $5000 per visit – see our FAQ for our costs and how we work).
  • We do not profit off of labs we order, we’ve sought out the best cash prices we could find for those that have “picky” insurance coverage, and we provide supplement sources that are offered at a discount (better than that you’d find on Amazon).
  • We treat a variety of causes of disease, but do not treat specific “diagnoses”. A diagnosis is a label that is helpful in many ways for allopathic treatments and approaches, but in functional/lifestyle medicine, the label does not truly address the cause. However, we are particularly good at improving life with thyroid illness, and Meg particularly is passionate about helping those with “G.A.M.E.” conditions (Gut, Autoimmunity, Metabolic conditions, Energy issues).
  • If we feel there is a better option for your healthcare needs, we will recommend another practitioner. This is why we ask that new patients “apply” to be a patient (no cost to apply).

Thank you for checking us out!

Please contact us if our FAQs or website cannot answer your questions/concerns. We look forward to working with you, and wish you good health and a life at ease!