Mycotoxin and biotoxin illness are an emerging field of medicine.  

If you have been exposed to mold, or suspect you have been exposed, it is easy to go “down the rabbit hole” of what to do next.  You will hear many varying opinions, and the financial (and health) costs can be significant!  

Before you get too overwhelmed, review the following free handouts (no email required!).  

If you feel that you need medical guidance, Meg has experience in treating this difficult illness and offers 10-week case reviews.  However, she first recommends reviewing this very detailed article she wrote (which is what she tells all her patients, and has put together as a free resource).

Step 1: Mycotoxin Illness Questionnaire

This is a list of the most common mycotoxin-associated symptoms. Each symptom is rated 0 to 3, in terms of frequency and severity. At the end, tally up your points to determine the degree of potential mycotoxin-illness. If you have a moderate or severe score, please seek assistance from a practitioner that is knowledgeable about evaluation and treatment of mycotoxin-illness. Click the image to download/print.

Step 2: Initial steps to take if you suspect mold exposure

This is a step-by-step guide for testing the home and work environment for the presence of mycotoxin spores. This testing includes links to remediation options. In addition, there is a section on how to prepare the body for "detoxification," if the symptom questionnaire indicates a moderate to severe likelihood of mycotoxin illness. Click the image to download/print.