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There are many ways to get information, and in functional medicine “online summits” are one way for both patients and practitioners to learn more about particular topics.  Typically, these are promoted by email (so you have to sign up with an email account). You get free access to a few talks every 24 hours. Then there is usually an “encore day”, about a week after the initial event (where all talks are accessible).  Here are a few tips if you’re new to these summits:

1. It’s usually not realistic to think you can watch all available talks within the 24 hours period (it’s typically around 4-6 hours per day). Choose the talks you are most interested in, and start with 1-2 per day.

2. Remember these are interviews with experts, and some experts are really personable and good at sharing their expertise.  However, if there is a program or supplement that seems too good to be true, look into it before purchasing.  

3. If you like the talk subject, support the host. It takes hours and hours of time to coordinate these events, it takes thousands of dollars to host these, and there are often a ton of “freebies” that go along with purchasing the talks. And most of the time, the cost for the 30+ hours of information is under $100.  

4. Always talk with your integrative medicine provider before pursuing new supplements, dietary or lifestyle recommendations, or procedures.  I’ve seen cases whereby a seemingly benign supplement caused reactions (allergic or otherwise) that took weeks to reverse.  I’ve also had 2 patients get hospitalized for bowel obstruction, related to a new diet plan that they started after hearing about that diet from a friend or podcast. “Dirty keto” and extreme paleo diets are notorious for changing up “bowel habits”.

If you don’t have an integrative medicine provider, then you’re in the right place! Get in touch with us to learn more.

*These summits are still available. Sign up with your email to get access.

Body Electric Summit
Lupus and Autoimmunity Summit
Anxiety Summit
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