About Our Practitioners

Here at Center for Collaborative Medicine our practitioners have over 40 years of combined experience in integrative medicine.

Learn more about Meg McElroy, Sara Klopp, and Dr. Manzanero.

Megan McElroy
Meg's Rates

*New Patients (90 min one-on-one time, total of 3 hours dedicated to each new patient): $450
*Established patient follow up visits (<1 hr): $225

Megan McElroy

Meg McElroy is the founder of Center for Collaborative Medicine. Her approach is focused on pattern recognition, education, and a “less-is-more” approach (less testing, less supplements/pills).  Meg explores nuances of nutrition, stress, dysbiosis (including yeast, parasites, SIBO/SIFO), chronic subacute infections (viral re-activation, bacteria overgrowth), hormonal and thyroid imbalances, and more.

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Meg’s areas of expertise:

  • Thyroid conditions 
  • Unrelenting digestive symptoms (e.g. bloating, IBS, eosinophilic esophagitis, GERD)
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Chronic inflammatory response syndrome (CIRS), including mycotoxin-associated illness, including MCAS

In her free time, Meg writes the blog posts for CCM, and guides a group of over 1800 PAs and NPs around the country, educating on the practice of functional medicine.   She also enjoys getting out in nature, bakings, and working on her artistic/carpentry skills.

Sara Klopp, physician assistant, sitting at a park
Sara's Rates

*New Patients (75-90 min): $400
*Established patient follow up visits (<1 hr): $200

Sara Klopp

Sara is a licensed physician assistant providing healing and medical care to the Austin community since 2004.  She received her Master’s Degree from the University of Oklahoma.  She joined CCM in Sept 2019, after working at Modern Thyroid for 2.5 years.

“I have felt so fortunate to help others in my career, working in many different areas of medicine including primary care, gastroenterology, and internal medicine, where I managed many people with acute and chronic issues, including thyroid disorders, diabetes and hormonal concerns.

I am passionate about the more holistic and integrative way of practicing medicine.

Evaluation involves so much more than just checking basic labs and giving out pills, and I am here for you to put those puzzle pieces together!” Sara Klopp

Sara’s areas of expertise:

  • Thyroid conditions (including prescription management)
  • Hormonal imbalances (pre- and post-menopausal)
  • Mood imbalances
  • Weight management

In her free time, you can find Sara hiking the Greenbelt in Austin, volunteering with geriatric patients, and listening to live music around the city.

Dr. Ron Manzanero
Dr. Manzanero's Rates

*New Patients (90 min one-on-one time): $450
*Established patient follow up visits (<1 hr): $225

**Please note, Dr. Manzanero is decreasing his work hours for personal reasons.  
We encourage new patients to schedule with our other experienced providers! 

Dr. Manzanero

Dr. Manzanero is a physician with over 30 years experience in integrative medicine.  He is the co-founder of Center for Collaborative Medicine (CCM), and the former co-founder of Modern Medicine and Modern Thyroid.

Dr. Manzanero graduated from the University of Texas Medical Branch in 1984 and completed his residency training in Family Medicine in 1990 at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center.

His interest in alternative holistic medicine began in his pre-med days in college.  Since becoming a medical doctor, Dr. Manzanero has spent many years studying nutrition, functional medicine, intravenous therapies, and completed a 4 year masters course in classical homeopathy.   Dr. Manzanero has shared his knowledge and wisdom with many successful local practitioners, instructing on the art of practicing integrative medicine.

His specialities are Hypothyroidism and Type 2 Diabetes.

Dr. Manzanero splits his time seeing patients in Kerrville and in Austin.  He is in Austin once every 2-3 months to see his Austin-based patients.

His hobbies are include jazz guitar, martial arts, hiking, and the study of world religions and spiritual paths.