$125 Taste of Functional Medicine

In Austin and in Texas, patients have choices for functional medicine care. Most practices require a significant time/money commitment for the first visit. This is an option for those that want to experience a taste of functional medicine with/without lab review before committing.

Megan McElroy, PA-C. Functional Medicine Practitioner.
Megan McElroy, PA-C

What's Included:

Learn about Your Health

Functional medicine is a model of medicine that looks at the underlying causes of symptoms and disease. When people have chronic, nagging, symptoms they are often told "everything is normal". Functional medicine can help!

To practice really great functional medicine care requires time (1-1.5 hours per appointment). This "taste" of functional medicine lab review is for patients in Texas and Austin who want an idea of how Meg works, to see if she is a good fit for his/her health goals. If you choose to continue care, the $125 will be applied to the new patient comprehensive visit.

**Please note, Meg will not prescribe medications at this visit without a follow up (to do so would not be good care!).

Don't wait, act now!
This is a new option that may not stick around
(depends on interest and demand)!

Schedule a quick call with Claire, who will guide you on how to get set up!