$99 Functional Medicine Lab Review

*Good Through January 2020*

Megan McElroy, PA-C. Functional Medicine Practitioner.
Megan McElroy, PA-C

Experience a Functional Medicine Review of Your:

  • Carbohydrate & Sugar Metabolism
  • Thyroid Hormone Balance
  • Cholesterol & Inflammation
  • Various Nutrient Levels

From a basic blood test!
**Lab costs billed to insurance

By Meg McElroy

Learn about Your Health

The functional medicine approach to lab evaluation is focused on education. Learn about the underlying patterns that lead to disease, and how to change them.

Functional medicine is a model of medicine that looks at the underlying causes of symptoms and disease. When people have chronic, nagging, symptoms they are often told "everything is normal". Functional medicine can help!

Common symptoms include: fatigue, "brain fog", stubborn weight loss, and more.

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