Center for Collaborative Medicine,


Center for Collaborative Medicine was founded by Megan McElroy, to provide high quality functional/integrative medical care in Texas by practitioners with prescriptive authority, without the “natural pill for every ill” or the “test everything” approach.

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Former Patient?

Each of our practitioners have previously worked with patients at Modern Thyroid or Dr. Shippy MD. If you were a patient at one of these practices, and want to join CCM, click here to learn more or contact us!

*New patient visit fees are waived for former patients.


Sara Klopp, physician assistant, sitting at a park

15% off New Patient Visits

Sara is offering 15% off new patient appointments on January 15th!

Text or call us at 512-876-2267, or email, and

Mention discount code "HEALTH"

Megan McElroy

$99 Lab Review

Get an expert functional medicine review of your labs.

Meg is offering a $99 lab review. This is a 20 minute appointment that will review cardiovascular/diabetes markers, thyroid hormones, and more!

Contact us for more info!

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