Center for Collaborative Medicine (CCM) is no longer a clinic, but our Practitioners Are Still Practicing!

Meg McElroy PA-C is now at Parsley Health! Click here to find out more about Parsley, which is the largest most affordable Functional Medicine clinic in the U.S.  It is membership-based, incorporates health coaching for expanding upon clinician recommendations, and is working towards accepting insurance in the near future! Meg is 100% telemedicine-based, licensed in TX, FL, NY, NJ, and Washington D.C. Code MCELROY200 for $200 off membership. 

Dr. Ron Manzanero and Sara Klopp PA-C are also 100% telemedicine-based, and are primarily focusing on the treatment of thyroid disorders from a functional medicine lens at Thyroid Guru’s. Click here for access to their clinic’s website.